Who are Affidavit Warriors?

An Affidavit Warrior is anyone and everyone who wants to stand up and fight against the tyrants that are controlling our government, institutions, and healthcare systems.

Governments have failed us, the justice system has failed us, and our schools are harming our children.

We have tried to fight back by warning them that they have broken the law. Nobody wants to listen. Therefore, we have but one choice to hold them accountable for breaking the law.

An affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court. The affidavit process is a legal and binding process that can be filed in court. If the person the affidavit is served against does not rebut our claim, but accepts our claim this is a legal and binding contract that they have agreed to. We can file the affidavits in court to collect damages the person owes us.


Stop Government Overreach

Call in the Military

Community Support


What Is an Affidavit and How Is it Used

At one time or another, you have been required to sign some type of an affidavit when you were conducting personal or business affairs. That is why it is important for everyone to understand what affidavits are and how they are used. An affidavit is a sworn statement of facts that businesses or courts use in a variety of legal proceedings.  

The affidavit is a written version of swearing under oath to tell the truth, the same as if you are testifying in a courtroom under oath. However, this is a document that is signed by the person making the statement, called an affidavit, and by a person who is legally authorized to administer an oath. A public notary or certain court or government officers are authorized to witness your signature and sign the affidavit.

It is necessary to only sign an affidavit if it contains only the truth and does not contain false information. Keep in mind if you sign the document that contains false information, you are subject to criminal penalties. Therefore, before you sign any affidavit read it carefully to ensure the information is accurate, truthful, and does not contain any statements of opinion or beliefs that are not clearly stated so in the document.

How to Draft an Affidavit

An affidavit consists of four major parts:

  1. The beginning of any affidavit the affiant is swearing to the information that is contained in the document under oath.
  2. Statement of true facts that the affiant is swearing to.
  3. The signature of the affiant swearing to the facts contained in the affidavit.
  4. The signature and stamp of a notary public or other officials that are authorized to administer oaths and sign an affidavit.


Most affidavits that a person has used in the past were forms that were created by the courts, lawyers, or financial institutions. However, in our case we need to create an affidavit that is specific to our purpose. The affidavits we will be using to file against Government elected or appointed officials will be tailored to fit our situation.

Warriors Success Stories, Help & Education

Our community of Warriors is here to get the job done. We have tried filing lawsuits, talking with school boards, and protesting. Now it is time to take up the mighty pen and write our affidavits and serve them to all government officials who are breaking the law.

Stop Government Outreach

All warriors need to stand up and face these government officials that are stepping outside the law. It is time to make them accountable for their actions and demand they either stop or step down. 

Community Support

In each state the support of the communities is growing. We have met warriors that have been in this fight for 30+years and they are there to help. Please join the different communities in your area, learn from the warriors that have been fighting for their freedom and are looking for others to join their team.


It is necessary that each person be educated in the law, how to use the law, and how to fight the tyranny we are facing today. We have met some great educators who are willing to help in this fight.

Call In The Military

Redress of Grievances

Since our forefathers established this government they have always given us a way to address issues with our elected officials. The Constitution 1st Amendment protects us against anyone stopping our freedom of speech. A Redress of Grievances is the perfect way to address the issues with the government today.   

Notice of Abolishment

If the people in government become destructive, endangers our lives, or refuse to listen to the people of this land it is our duty to abolish these governments. When our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence they let us know that we had a duty to stand over government and hold them accountable for their actions.

Arrest Warrent

We have known for some time that the people holding office now are against the people of this land. They control the courts, law enforcement, education and our public health departments. We have but one option and that is to issue an arrest warrant and call in the military. The armed forces were created by the people to protect the people of this land.

We are all warriors

Join the Team of Warriors and fight for your freedom