Call in the Military

For the last few years, we have witnessed how governments have taken over control of our lives, livelihoods, schools, and health care.  We have protested against the mask and vaccine mandate, and our school systems. Many people took to the courts to seek justice and we found out that all forms of our law enforcement, governments, and justice system are corrupt.

Our founding fathers experienced the same tyranny when trying to declare their independence and fight against the King of Great Britain. In the end, they were sold out by a group of men they trusted to negotiate peace.  The peace treaty of 1783 was not what we were all led to believe. The men who signed this treaty were all esquires and were all controlled and took oaths to the King of Great Britain.

However, they had the insight to protect all of us when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Keep in mind it is the man who created governments and it is the man who can abolish and take out the leaders who are harming the people. We can remove the bodies in our government and elect new people who will protect us and serve us.

If the people who are sitting in the seats of government will not vacate their seats, we have the right to call in the military to have them removed. We created governments and we created the militaries to protect us. It is the military’s responsibility to come in and restore peace and remove anybody that is acting in bad faith

How To Call In The Militar

In the last two years, we have learned that if we stand up to anyone that is holding an office, we are attacked and the police try to arrest us. Therefore, we can’t serve these papers directly to any government official. We have but one option left and that is to send the papers directly to the military and invite them into our states. The military protects this country and therefore, they will be the ones who need to remove these people from their offices.

We have several options to call in the military to all the states of the unions:

  1. Send the package of papers to the military bases using email.
  2. Send the letters to the military bases using the postal services.
  3. Contact JAG and send the paperwork to JAG.
  4. If you live close to a military base hand-deliver the package to the front gate and drop it off.


We need to stand up and fight and every person will need to send these letters to the military to activate the military and bring them into the states of the union. Each day you will send an email to the military inviting them to your state. We have all known for a long time that the Military is the only way.

If you are unhappy with the way your government is conducting business speak up. Write a letter of Redress of Grievances and send it to your servants. The only way we can change the outcome is by speaking up. This is the way our forefathers address the issues with the way the officials were running things.

It is time that our great men and woman stop fighting useless wars in other countries and start to fight the war that is raging here on our land today. We have people crossing into this country who are smuggling in drugs, children, and women for the sex trade. Our borders are dangerous and no longer controlled and run by our government, but instead are run by  the mafia and cartels that our President has invited in.

Our armed forces were created by the people to stand guard over this nation, protect its borders, and the people who live in this nation. It is time that we stop sending these men and women overseas to fight wars that we have no interest in. We need them here in this nation fighting for us right now.

We have come to the realization that law enforcement and justice are not on our side. They work for the corporation that has infiltrated this great nation and took us all as their slaves. We have one last hope for regaining control and taking the corporation out of our nation. That is our great men and woman of the armed forces. 

It is now up to the people of this great nation to call in the military and invite them into all states of the union. The military is forbidden from entering into each state of the union unless they are invited in. It is time that we use our powers as people of this land and nation to call upon the one group of brave men and women to fight for our freedom.

They have controlled and used our military to fight wars in other countries which is a great dishonor for our men and women who joined the armed services to protect our borders and keep this great nation safe from harm. It is now time that our military fight the evil that has crept into this land in the dark of the night to take over this great nation from the inside.