One thing we woke up to back in 2020 is how our governments had a stronghold on our freedoms and our lives. During the last two years a lot of sleeping Mama Bears and Warriors have awoken to take up the fight for our freedom and release us from the evil clutches of the corporation that is running our country now. 

Today we stand in our glory with other Warriors who have stood up to fight against the control the school boards have over our children. We have many states in this great nation that are standing up and fighting for our freedom.

If there is one thing we have all learned in this fight it is we need to educate ourselves and learn how this has happened. Below are some great tools that we recommend to each of you who is fighting this war against good verse evil. Educate yourself before it is too late. It is never too late to take yourself back to school and learn about the law and how to self govern our nation. 

Affidavit Warriors Recommendations

The Affidavit Warriors have been following and vetting different Local Assemblies, Telegram Channels, and Law Influencers. We recommend you to spend some time learning more about Natures Law verse the Law of the Sea which our courts are using today.

We were asleep for so long and trusted in our governments to serve and protect us. The last two years have awoken all of us to the realization that our governments are corrupt and we need to stand up in honor and take back our freedom. 

Lean More From These Informative Sites

Affidavit Warriors have been learning about how we can reestablish our country and reclaim our nation. If you are interested in learning more about how we can do this I recommend you spend some time studying the process on these websites.  

Telegram Channels Worth Following

We are all in this war together and need to stand tall and strong. We are united in this fight against the evils that have overtaken our governments. Follow a few of these great Telegram channels to learn more about what is happening around us now. 

Educate Yourself with LAW Law Influencers

We have all gotten a traffic ticket one time or another in our life. But did you know that it is illegal to issue us a ticket. This is a forced contract that we did not agree to. Learn more about the Law and how you can protect yourself. 

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Downloadable Documents

In this section we have gathered a lot of documents that can help you with laws, filing claims, other types of affidavits, and a lot more. You can read the documents online or download them to your computer. 

Links to Online documents

Download Law and Information Documents

Sample Affidavits

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