Call in the Military Q & A

We are all learning what our forefathers left for us in the great documents they crafted when they were forming this nation.

We had no idea how powerful their words really were until now. We have always trusted the men and women we voted into office. However, this trust is short lived now and we need to reclaim our nation.

Everyone is tired of this fight. We have been fighting against the school boards, health officials and the court system for so long. It is time that we take a quiet stand back and take a few minutes to reflect on the great fight our forefathers had against the King of Great Britain and the control he had on the people from afar. 

They never gave up, they tried to reason with the King, they tried to stop paying taxes, and they even wrote the King on many occasions to no avail. 

Today we stand in their shoes and pick up the fight once again. However, this time it is not a fight from afar, but right here in our own backyard. Our government has taken over this nation and we had no idea how this happened. Now we are asking ourselves how can we take our nation back?

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The only way to win the war on our land is to do it peacefully and with our great Military power that we created so long ago. We were the ones who put the Military in place to protect and secure our borders. They are here to protect this great nation from attacks from foreign and domestic invasion. Today we witness an attack right here by our governments. The military is the only way to stop these attacks and restore the nations back to the people peacefully, and without further bloodshed on this land. 

There are many laws put in place that protect the governments from takeover from the people. However, when the governments become out of control and harm the people we do have the right to ask the military to take them out of office and restore power. 

No, we are not going to be serving the letters to the government officials. It would be too dangerous for the people. It would not be the people elected that would come after the people, but instead it would be the people who work for the government in civil servant positions. 

Therefore, we will send a package of letters to the military and invite them into each state. It will be the military that will deliver these papers and remove the people from the office. This is the safest way for everyone. We do not want a war on our hands we just want them removed. 

We understand this is a possibility, but we need to keep trying. We do not want a civil war on our hands and people taking matters into their own hands. It is best if we mail the letters, hand deliver them, and send out emails each day. We will wake up the military and they will hear our cries for help and come. Just have faith in our military and in God. 

If we are to get the attention of the Military and the General we will need to send these out daily. If we flood their email inboxes with request they will look at the letters and react. It is their duty to protect this nation and if we ask for their help they need to answer us.

It is a rather simple process that our forefathers gave to us. We must first address our grievances with the people in office and ask them to change. If this fails the Declaration of Independence gives us the right to abolish all governments to restore their land back to the people. The people created the government and we are the only ones that can dismantle these governments. 

The military will not enter into our states of the union unless we invite them in. The Governor of each state has the authority to invite the military in. If the governor is acting out of honor, then it is up to us to invite the military in. 

Everyone in your groups and in all the states of the union should start  emailing these letters to the military. The more people who email, send a letter, or hand-deliver these letters to military bases the faster we can activate the military. It is up to us now to not give up home. Each day, send an email to the military and send them this package of letters we have prepared. 

We will need to send:

  1. The letter of invitation
  2. The Redress of Grievances
  3. The letter of Abolishment
  4. The Citizen’s Arrest Warrant
  5. The Notice to Vacate Office

We have faith in God and God has given us a way to handle this peacefully. There are a lot of good men and women in our armed serves that have been forced to take an experimental shot against their free will. They are just as upset and angry as we are today. They will stand up and speak out against this corporation and help to remove them from this land. We have to have faith in the men and women in our armed forces and in God. Nothing can stop what is happening and the military is the only way to restore this great nation.