Step 1 - Affidavit of Truth

We have drafted the “Affidavit of Truth” that you can use to file against any government elected or appointed official. In this affidavit we are stating facts that these people do not have a signed contract with us that allows them to issue mandates, control our movements, demand that we close down our business, and lock us in our homes for extended periods of time.

If you are going to use this affidavit to file your claim, it is your responsibility to read the affidavit carefully. You can make changes to this affidavit. Remember, if you sign this affidavit and the facts stated in this document do not apply to your situation you will be perjuring yourself. So make the changes in the document and do not just rely on us to state them for you.

The first affidavit package consists of three letters:

  1. The cover letter where we explain the duties of a government elected or appointed official.
  2. A new oath of office for we the people of this nation. We are giving them a change to take a new oath of office to us the people of this nation and not the oath of office they took to the corporation.
  3. The last document is our Affidavit of Truth. Here we state the facts about how our governments think they have dominion over us and can demand we follow their rules. Governments have forgotten that it is the people who have created these government, and we stand over the government.
  4. The Fee Schedule is used to determine the amount of damages owed to you.