Step 1 - Redress of Grievances

Since the early 1200s people have been addressing their problems with the way certain government official have enacted unjust and unlawful laws. All people living on the land have a right to issue a Redress of Grievances to any government body around the world. 

Our founding fathers who created this great nation and created the first government to protect and serve the people of this nation addressed their elected officials using a Redress of Grievances. 

If we are unhappy with the way governments are operating we have the freedom and protection to write to our government official and address our grievances.

This is the first step we need to take when we want to dispute the unlawful acts our governments are involved in these days. We are protected by the Constitution of the United States under Freedom of Speech. No harm can come to us if we speak up and address these issues with any government official.