step 2 - notice of abolishment

When our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence to free us from the King of Great Britain, they included a very important clause in this document. They explained to all of us that we have a right to abolish any government body that is acting out of control, harm, or enslaving the people of this great nation.

Today we are using what our forefathers left us and taking down the government around the nation that are no longer governments but instead corporations that are acting like rulers over the people of this nation. 

In order to reclaim our land, freedom, and nation of the world we need to abolish all government bodies that are controlling us and enslaving us on our land. These governments today feel that they own and control the people of the land. They can tax us, create laws that are harmful and dangerous, and take over the education system for our children. 

There comes a time when the people must take a stand for their freedom and take down the corporate governments and return the land and freedom back to the people. The Notice to Abolish governments give us the power to do just that.