Step 2 - True Bill

A True Bill in Commerce is an affidavit notice for claims of damages and a transgression fee schedule. You will send this notice out to the person if they do not respond back to your first affidavit or they have refused to accept your office to take a new oath of office and obtain a new surety bond.

Like in the first affidavit letter you sent out it is your responsibility to read this document carefully and not sign this document if it does not apply to your case. You need to edit and modify all the affidavits to fit your situation before signing them and having a notary stamp applied to the document.

The second affidavit notice that is mailed out to the person has two documents. We mail this out 21-days after the person receives their first notice and does not respond back. If the person signs a new oath of office and send you proof they have to obtain a surety bond we do not send this document out. There are two documents in this package:

  1. The cover letter is an offer to cure. The person did not accept our offer and has not disputed our first notice so we are offering them a chance to cure.
  2. The true bill is an affidavit notice that is used to state the amount of the damages and the laws that have been broken.