Step 3 - Certificate of Default

In commerce we are obligated to give a person three chances to cure his bill or dispute the claim we have filed against them using the affidavit process. In this notice we inform the person that they have received our first two affidavits that we sent. We mail the notices by registered mail so we have proof the notice has been received.

This is the last chance the person has to take an oath of office and receive a new surety bond or pay the claim. They have 7 additional days to decide what they will do. If they fail to respond in the next 7-days the person accepts responsibility for the claim we file against them. In other words, it is an omission of guilt.


The 3rd and final affidavit that is sent to the person is a “Certificate of Default|”. We have followed the law of commerce and allow the person three opportunities to take a new oath of office and obtain a surety bond that will protect us the people of this nation. The final package consists of 2 notices:

  1. A cover letter which is the 3rd opportunity for the person to pay the claim or dispute the original affidavit that was sent to them.
  2. We are sending them a notice indicating this is the final document we will be sending to them. This is our “certificate of Default”.