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In the last two years we have seen many warriors awaken from a deep sleep. They woke up to protect their families and children from the tyrants that are taking over our lives. In this fight we have seen parents go up against school boards, government officials, and health departments to fight for their children.

We have also seen many people who have lost their jobs because they refused to be manipulated and controlled by governments and the companies they worked for. This has been a hard two years that we have all had to deal with and come to the realization that our governments were never for the people of this great nation but instead where only hear to enslave and control us.

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Everyone has a story to tell about how they have been fighting for their children, the governments, and the corporations they work for. In this fight we have all had to step outside our comfort zones and stand tall and proud against public officials. This has not been an easy task for some but they have stood there and refused to stand down when they were attacked.

That is why we are all warriors in this new realm of our existence here in this great nation that our forefathers fought so hard to create for us. We are now taking a stand against all these governments who are breaking the law. We have all decided that the time has come that we follow in our forefather’s footsteps and stand up and fight for our freedom one more time.  

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