Call In The Military

We the people of this great nation created the militaries to protect our borders from foreign and domestic attacks. Somehow this all changed and a corporation took over control of our military. They used our brave men and women to go fight wars in far off lands that the people of this nation never agreed to.

Today we need to call our military home because our borders are being invaded and our government was taken over in our last election. The military is the only way to regain control of our nation and remove these de facto agents from our lands. 

We have all wondered why the military has not acted before now. They cannot just come into every state in this union and take over. The people of this nation would not approve. It is up to us to call in the military and invite them in. 

The military will need to serve this package of papers to all government officials and remove them from office. If the people try to fight against a de facto corporation and the corporation is controlling the Law Enforcement agencies and the Court system we will never win. There is but one solution to remove these people from office and that solution is the Military. Everyone needs to start emailing these documents to every military base around this nation. We must get their attention now and invite them in to take out the corruption before it is too late.