Step 4 - Payment Due Notices

The person has accepted our affidavit and he/she has omitted guilt by not responding back to us. We can now bill them and send them our true bill for payment. We will need to create a billing invoice to send to the person.

Like all bills the person has an opportunity to pay their bill and if not paid they will receive a past due notice. If the person refuses to respond to our past due notice we send them a final notice.

Like all documents we have prepared you will need to review the document and adjust the amount that is owed to you. 

The True Bill in Commerce is a commercial billing process that we must use to send out our invoices for payment. The billing cycle is a 30-day cycle for each notice that is mailed out. We are using a 30, 60 and 90 day billing cycles. We will be sending out the following notices for payment:

  1. The Bill in Commerce 1st notice gives the person 30-days to pay the bill.
  2. The 2nd Bill in Commerce is a past due notice. This states that the person did not pay the first bill that was sent and they now have 30-days to pay this notice.
  3. The 3rd and final notice is a Bill in Commerce that allows the person once last chance to pay the bill. This is the last 30-day notice that we send out for payment.